Tree Silhouettes

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Do you know what’s a tree doing? It cleans the air, produce oxygen, fight against soil erosion, decrease respiratory diseases, act as sound barriers, act as wind breaks and many many more! Its said that trees are sleepless and selfless servers working 24hrs and 365 days without a second’s break.

There should be several reasons for a designer to use a tree silhouettes vector, sometimes its for a save tree campaign against global warming or sometimes its a Christmas tree decoration ad. Whatever it is 123silhouettes helps you with amazing tree vector silhouettes.

123silhouettes provides all of these tree vectors with a download option on a single click button. Once your download got over the file that you received can be open and edit with Adobe illustrator software.

Here you may find wide range of tree silhouettes such as pine tree, Oak ,redwood, cypress, banyan, coconut tree etc. So everyone can create beautiful designs using these vectors with very less effort.

Indeed once your design is completed go out and give little time to these trees who giving you oxygen to breath. Plant a tree and ensure no trees are cut or uprooted in and around your place for a better tomorrow.


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